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Magazine announce

A2B2 Magazine Estimated Arrival Date: Dec 1


Pre-orders available soon. Limited edition.


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What's New @ A2B2? (03.27.2022)

I'm no-id, your A2B2 news czar, and this is the A2B2 update.

The discord server for MURDACORP has just launched, and corporate is actively seeking out
new personnel. An invite link is provided below. MURDACORP is an
upcoming video game collaboration between Andy Morin and SUS BOY. - Murdacorp Discord Servers

FLASH FLOOD v3 IS NOW UNDERWAY! This is not a drill. All ground units are authorized to
move out into the public and spread the word of A2B2's existence. Make your way over to for more info. FLASH FLOOD will be running from 3/27 - 4/11. Winners will receive an A2B2 Merch prize!

A2B2 Radio: Episode 5 (Featuring guest host Little Snake) will be streaming TONIGHT, 3/27 @ 6 PM
PST on our Twitch page ( Don't miss it!

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discord overhaul

Hello, There is a brand new re-written set of community rules for the discord server! These are much more in depth, and outline a very easy to follow 3 strike policy that allows full transparency in the situations that require bans. We updated SaviorsJohn so when people are caged, they are told which rule they broke exactly, and which strike this is for them. The second thing we introduced are our new server roles! We are re-centering the server as a place for creators to congregate and discuss topics pertaining to creativity. These roles encompass musicians, visual artists, programmers, designers, writers, and more. Every user will be required to choose a role, and will have the opportunity to raise their rank from average, to based, to god, by participating in bounties and other community events. The goal with this change is to get people to utilize the discord as a place to discuss the things they're working on both for and outside of a2b2.

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Team News

welcome to the team! ☺️


If you're interested in contributing, come talk to us, and we'll point you in the right direction.


In the mean time, send us ideas and news, and we'll try our best to reply!



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read edition 2 of magazine online

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read edition 2 of magazine online

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radio submissions closed

--radio submissions episode 3 closed--

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Prison Escape

The longer you beat the man with the hammer, the more your nerves refuse to work and you are turned into an object without any feeling at all. Nothing could be more terrible. Not long ago, I was taken to a jail in Budapest. I had decided to write a spy story from the inside. There were many long nights, a lot of vodka and strong coffee. I did not know the country, the language, the people, the rules and they did not want to let me in. I had no rights, no papers, no identity card. I was a stranger in a strange land, and in this strange land I was an alien without any status or connection to any other person.

A day came when the man responsible for me suddenly decided to show me to a cell in the second floor of the jail. To my great surprise, I saw that one of the prisoners was the famous writer Ervin Eken. They locked us into a cell together. I had only heard about him.

For months, we worked on the novel we were writing, telling each other the stories we had dreamt up. That writer's eyes were not well; he could not see much. I taught him how to read, and the famous writer taught me how to write. We communicated almost entirely through our mind, one from darkness and one from light, and we became friends very quickly.

Each time I thought we were going to be locked up for longer, the jail authorities came to release us, or gave us just a few hours. He was locked up for three months. We were now tied up together in that cell with no light, no window and no way of seeing out.

Then, one night, I heard him shouting at the door, for there were people who wanted to speak to him. They said he had to meet someone very important that night and he had to leave immediately. I was looking at the dark face of a friend and I also wanted to leave the cell. The other prisoners gave me a secret signal to follow my friend's instructions and we left the cell. I walked, exhausted and broken, toward the door.

But when I walked to the door, I saw a pale, dishevelled figure sitting at the window. I knew it was the writer. "You are trying to betray me," he said with a pained look in his eyes, "but we will keep this between ourselves."

We talked a little, about nothing in particular, and then he locked me in the cell and left. I was so tired, so frightened, so exhausted.

"What can I do?"

"Make yourself at home," he answered. "I am not going to leave you. I want you to survive. I will come back for you, every day and every night."

This will not do, I thought to myself. I have lost one of my friends in the dead of night. I felt completely alone, even in a jail cell, but I decided to follow his instructions and hide. I felt so scared, I could not breathe. What could have happened? Where were they? Why was he taking me somewhere? I had no idea. I was looking for an answer and suddenly, suddenly, there he was, at the end of my cell.

"Are you okay?" he asked, and I nodded, not daring to speak.


"Now you have to be patient," he said. "The country is being divided and we have no guarantees."

We were in the final round, the final battle. He was going to give up his home, his career and his freedom for the sake of our freedom. I had no choice. I was ready.

Then suddenly, I could not breathe. I was so tired. I had no strength left. The room had become so dark, so cold, that I was afraid I would not wake up when he came to take me home. It seemed like he was not coming. My life seemed to be over.

Then, suddenly, I was so terrified, I forgot how to breathe, and I was so cold that I could not feel my hands and I had to take a huge step to climb the walls to my feet. But I was finally there, in his arms, not for one moment in doubt. I felt a huge feeling of gratitude, a feeling I can only describe as gratitude. Thank you, God, I thought, but I also felt that I had been living my whole life in a dark room with no light and no window.

He picked me up, and I was not afraid of him at all. I knew, absolutely, that he would never do anything to hurt me.

That was the end of my incarceration. The writer returned to his home and became famous. He was tired, he had lost his vision, and he was also terribly depressed. But his years of imprisonment were a blessing. It gave him a chance to read and to write more than ever before. It had shown him the love of his fellow prisoners, and his determination, and perhaps it had softened his soul. I am not sure. He never spoke about it.

Whatever was the case, I am sure that it made me realize that we can fight, even when things seem hopeless and the path ahead seems dark and all signs point to defeat. When all seems lost, we can make a different decision and change our fate. When he made that decision, I made my decision. And in the end, the story I set to write became became the true story of my life.

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what does a2b2 stand for

A2B2 stands for Aspergillus fungus. It’s the type of mold that causes food poisoning. (the type that made Jennie Lorber sick)

“I was really scared,” said Theresa Henning, an A2B2 victim. “I thought they were going to tell me I was going to die.” Henning says she had a viral infection. She is allergic to penicillin. “It was a light bulb that went off for me that I may be having an anaphylactic reaction,” she said. It’s a common reaction for food allergy sufferers who have never had a serious reaction. “I was concerned. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to die?’” Henning said.

Luckily she was not. The doctor that checked her told her she had a bad case of A2B2 poisoning. She was told it was caused by a genetic defect in her body. “It was a fluke,” she said. Now she will never forget the day she found out. “The doctor looked at me and said, ‘Jennie, you have the type of A2B2 reaction that is similar to someone with a severe food allergy,’” Henning said.

It’s the same condition that has plagued 27-year-old Andrew Segal for four years. “For me, it’s like a disease. I can’t believe that they have a name for it,” Segal said. He is allergic to A2B2, tuna, shrimp, and salmon. The only thing that doesn’t make him sick is the cream cheese spread he spreads on his bagel. But that, too, makes him sick. “At the moment I eat the cream cheese, my throat is closing and my tongue is swelling,” Segal said.

That was the day he saw a neurologist who told him he had A2B2. “He’s my hero,” Segal said of his neurologist. They can only tell Andrew about what triggers his reaction. They can’t tell him what will make him sick. “They can’t tell me what to eat, how to eat, where I should sit, how long I should be on a certain medication, how long I should be on an allergy medication,” Segal said. "But they say it's something I'm going to have to learn to live with."

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Episode 1

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All users - please take a moment to wish our favorite developer a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you TerryDev! Thank you for all your hard work!

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The Baker

It was a peach of a Sunday in Portland. I had a pair of fruitcake doughnuts (in the shape of West Coast landmarks) waiting in the driveway. I watched my boy and girl enjoy a jigsaw puzzle made up of different slices of cake in the living room. I was wearing my favorite $13 black sweats, half-sleeved and showing the new ache in my left elbow. Life was the best.

I took the doughnuts upstairs to the computer and started a poem about a baker. I was reading the dictionary for inspiration. Not sure what I was looking for, though I know the usual suspects: "alone," "ferocious," "red," "curious," "profane."

Baking, this baker, was one of the few jobs she could get on her own. (Writing was another.) Each day, she opens up the blinds to the east and gets to work. With every crumb she turns out, the light in her kitchen grows.

It was not until the closing lines that I realized what had happened. The piece was suddenly about freedom. A woman, stuck in a day-to-day routine, has the chance to get away. She can't go anywhere. But she can bake. Each day, she gets to make something beautiful and sweet. Maybe it can't last. Maybe the baker will move to where there is more work, better pay, better hours. But for a few hours, she can forget about all that and just make something good for herself.

We're working on our own new routine here. The house is getting to know its new, settled self. I'm getting to know my new aches and pains. But I'm determined to let go of the discomfort. I'm determined to bake something good today.

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A2B2 App Update

A2B2 Mobile App. The app is social and features: SMS, Inter-App messaging, OpenSocial discovery, Badge/Leaderboard integration, social/subscribe based content/feed, and a community search engine. The UI is under heavy work and is currently in what we call Stage 4 of development.


This is basically full iteration of the UI from pixelated screens into an actual, usable product. We do have a few releases in the future, but most features are not in their final stages yet. In the longer term, we are looking into platform integrations (like a desktop widget) and we are hoping to build out a massive internal search engine. Lots to do. You’ll hear more soon.

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Commenting system is being fumigated and will be restored to functionality shortly. Thank you.

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Housing Update

Andy started A2B2 to artistic alternative community, but then it filled with Russian bots, gore, and furry porn. Something had to change. So we've overhauled the whole thing. You're still a member of the artist-run project, and can now spend all your energy thinking about your art, not someone else's music.

RIP Russian bots! Wait, what? Furries?!? Have you even met some?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat. Read on.


When you first log in, you are greeted by 3-4 players and a fated gatherer. We will be creating a housing system, so housing is a no-brainer. Once the 2-3 month housing beta starts, people will have the option of opting-in for a chance to live in said housing. If they join, they will be placed in the housing pool. They can then choose whether they want to be from the same faction, another faction, or not (it is possible to be from different factions at once). Once you have chosen a faction, the assigned gatherer will ship you out.


The Faction Ranking System and Faction Expansion System have been fully implemented. In order to earn points (which can be exchanged for a rank in the clan) you must follow the rules below:

1) Always vote according to the policies you are assigned to. You cannot allow "counter-attacking" or "counter-jihadis" in your faction, but you can disagree with other factions' policies and make your case for what is best. You may also denounce a faction's policies if you believe them to be non-viable. This isn't a voting circle, so get over your "not the fucking Illuminati anymore" kind of stuff.

2) You must post on the website and on a Discord server about how your faction has improved its stances in favor of fairness and equality. This includes voting for policy votes and speaking with other members about their opinions. You may use the "Not My Faction" tool to point out that your faction doesn't promote these things.

3) You must also share a fun picture you've taken with your faction. All pictures will be deleted once it is up, but your members can comment on it.

4) You must also check the "Was This Post Merely Public? Are You Endorsing or Opposing This Post?" box. If you decide the picture/tweet was NOT Merely Public, then that message will be removed. You will also get demerits. But since you are now making a rule, you get a point! We also give one point per faction which uses the message as a banner.

Learn more about the Clan and Faction system!

Coming next week!

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a2b2 magazine no.2 "freedom edition" available now

a2b2 was called
and a2b2 responded

art for the future

novus via

order early as last edition was gone in 48hrs


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a2b2 update

a2b2 magazine no.2 "freedom edition" submissions are CLOSED and the magazine is in production NOW.


a2b2 website is being re-written by TerryDev and v2.0 is on the way


in the meantime, the BOTS have been … acclimated and you should notice the site running at full speed again.


a2b2 is coming to you

and you can go to a2b2


stay tuned

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