read edition 2 of magazine online

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read edition 2 of magazine online

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radio submissions closed

--radio submissions episode 3 closed--

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Submissions for A2B2 Radio Episode 3

The submission form for A2B2 Radio: Episode 3 is now open! The submission form will stay open until this friday, 10/8.

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I've been slowly working to fix the annoyances around here until I can finish the first version of the updated a2b2 (more info on that soon). Pagination is back and should be working. Annoyingly, it causes some weird stuff to happen with the URL. I'll see to that later. Images no longer stretch when viewing the full version. I've re-enabled captcha around the site to try and combat spam, as well as added spam filters.

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Prison Escape

The longer you beat the man with the hammer, the more your nerves refuse to work and you are turned into an object without any feeling at all. Nothing could be more terrible. Not long ago, I was taken to a jail in Budapest. I had decided to write a spy story from the inside. There were many long nights, a lot of vodka and strong coffee. I did not know the country, the language, the people, the rules and they did not want to let me in. I had no rights, no papers, no identity card.

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what does a2b2 stand for

A2B2 stands for Aspergillus fungus. It’s the type of mold that causes food poisoning. (the type that made Jennie Lorber sick)

“I was really scared,” said Theresa Henning, an A2B2 victim. “I thought they were going to tell me I was going to die.” Henning says she had a viral infection. She is allergic to penicillin. “It was a light bulb that went off for me that I may be having an anaphylactic reaction,” she said. It’s a common reaction for food allergy sufferers who have never had a serious reaction. “I was concerned. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to die?’” Henning said.

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Episode 1

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All users - please take a moment to wish our favorite developer a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you TerryDev! Thank you for all your hard work!

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The Baker

It was a peach of a Sunday in Portland. I had a pair of fruitcake doughnuts (in the shape of West Coast landmarks) waiting in the driveway. I watched my boy and girl enjoy a jigsaw puzzle made up of different slices of cake in the living room. I was wearing my favorite $13 black sweats, half-sleeved and showing the new ache in my left elbow. Life was the best.

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A2B2 App Update

A2B2 Mobile App. The app is social and features: SMS, Inter-App messaging, OpenSocial discovery, Badge/Leaderboard integration, social/subscribe based content/feed, and a community search engine. The UI is under heavy work and is currently in what we call Stage 4 of development.


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Commenting system is being fumigated and will be restored to functionality shortly. Thank you.

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Housing Update

Andy started A2B2 to artistic alternative community, but then it filled with Russian bots, gore, and furry porn. Something had to change. So we've overhauled the whole thing. You're still a member of the artist-run project, and can now spend all your energy thinking about your art, not someone else's music.

RIP Russian bots! Wait, what? Furries?!? Have you even met some?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat. Read on.


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Happy Birthday

It's the one year anniversary of the launch of!

Thank you to everyone who's joined over the past year and stuck with us. It's been amazing to see the community grow the way it has, and I'll never forget the memories we've already made together. From the early days of the site to our huge events like Night of Fire, we've all accomplished so much together.

As for us over at a2b2 hq, have a lot in store for you for the coming year ( rewrite, bounties finally coming out) and we really hope everyone is excited for the huge stuff we have planned.

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a2b2 magazine no.2 "freedom edition" available now

a2b2 was called
and a2b2 responded

art for the future

novus via

order early as last edition was gone in 48hrs


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a2b2 update

a2b2 magazine no.2 "freedom edition" submissions are CLOSED and the magazine is in production NOW.


a2b2 website is being re-written by TerryDev and v2.0 is on the way


in the meantime, the BOTS have been … acclimated and you should notice the site running at full speed again.


a2b2 is coming to you

and you can go to a2b2


stay tuned

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A2B2 Magazine No. 2 -- Now Taking Submissions


Submissions open NOW!!

Submit at:

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NEW A2B2 Zine Volume One - “The Fungal World”

The pre-orders for the very first edition of the A2B2 Zine are open now!! This is a very special limited run edition, so pick yours up today!

Created by submissions from our community members and featuring a special QnA with Andy Morin!

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zine submissions closed

a2b2 zine submissions are now CLOSED and the first edition is in production

stay tuned here for more updates!



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