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Hoodies on sale NOW!


Flash Flood Winners and NIGHT OF FIRE

[Stand By]


Operation Flash Flood is LIVE!

Intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iHA71IXaTA


When is the competition running?
Starts today and ends in exactly one week (Sept 25th - Oct 2nd)
The marketing team will take the weekend to review submissions and grade them
Public voting will take place from the 5th to the 12th.

How does this competition work?
Users will go out and distribute their advertisements and record the process.
They can edit footage in any way they choose, and will submit the file to the following link:
When the competition is over, the submissions will be graded by the marketing team. The top submissions will make it to public voting.
Once public voting starts, it will run for one week. Top voted submissions will win prizes.

Do I need to buy stickers for this competition?
No. You can use stickers, but you may also advertise in any way you see fit. As long as it contains "a2b2", it goes.
We will provide printable advertisements for you as well.

Are there any rules to this competition?
Be smart. Follow your local laws. Don't tresspass. Don't vandalize. If you choose to ignore this warning, we are not responsible for any punishment you may face.
Video footage should be less than 2 minutes long. You can break that limit if you feel it is needed, but we don't want to review 30 minute footage.


Printable ads:






masks change

a2 masks were priced incorrectly, they are now $10.anyone who purchased one at 20 will receive a credit coupon in email

stay safe 


spam bots are trying to invade the colony, TerryDev has been alerted. the extermination process will be gentle and efficient, please stand by



shoutouts lil frosty

#FFF200 is now OFFICIALLY named "a2b2 Yellow"


Keep voting if you haven't already!

aabb’s are done

advanced automatic breath barriers have been completed and will begin shipping IMMEDIATELY 

implementing: comment notification emails

do they work? y/n

You should now start receiving e-mails when a comment is left on one of your posts, or a reply to one of your comments.

To disable, un-check the tickbox on the bottom of your account settings.

~~new merch~~

new merch item just added to the store: a2b2 dad hat and A2B2 Advanced Automatic Breath Barrier

let's gooooo

special feeling

every a2 user woke up feeling different today 


live stream

tune in to the first ever a 2 b 2 livestream tonight at 8:45pm PST on https://www.instagram.com/a2b2website/

P.S. fuck insta

welcome to a 2 b 2

we wild


Our first official marketing campaign will be launched over this upcoming weekend, Aug 20-23. Please keep the site neat and tidy for the new guests. Thank you.

Site Mission #2

Good afternoon, today we begin Site Mission #2, operation Attack Ad Based Blitz. We must fill the official Instagram ( http://instagram.com/a2b2website) with prime content. please submit your propaganda, adverts, images and enticements to the official Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/2eGZ9E. JPG/PNG/MP4, square format. Thank you for your co-operation.

marketing campaign

this week, an operation will be initiated to find new users and force them to use our website. please be on your best behavior and welcome our new friends. Details to follow.


one month

a2b2 is one months old


New discord banner