one month

a2b2 is one months old


New discord banner


new shirt run

New shirt run has shipped. Improved yellow color and size of print 

MySQL error

the site has recovered from a database meltdown. thanks to TerryDev for bringing us back

Md and lg shirts

we hear you! medium and large shirts are back in stock in the Store

Phase II update

Phase II development underway.

Users are advised to continue testing the site and repoting bugs & technical suggestions.

Watch here for new bounties & events.

Please do not bother stasis users, they are in space.

Thank you.

go for launch

gathering sunlight in order to charge launch facility


launch is scheduled for 2pm PST, wed july 29 (weather permitting)


we are go for launch. using magnetics to create additional slots in the updated passenger list.

stasis chambers [CLOSED]

if you have a stasis chamber, please get inside it, we are going to space


spacecraft is at maximum capacity. thank you


post them shirts

let's see em

a2 boot v1

New Theme Launched: a2 boot v1

Fixed uploading (you can now press "Save" to upload directly)
Fixed commenting problems

Leave bug reports and technical suggestions in the replies.

A Statement From the A2B2 Team

Hello everyone!


We've made it through the first week of A2B2 Phase I and I'd like to personally thank everyone for the support and community we've built in this short span of time.


I'd also like to take this time to give you all a little update on what's going on in the background, while everyone breaks in the site (and has some fun in our Minecraft server :P)



Keep submitting the problems you find. Andy is diligently working on fixing them as they pop up.


~Phase I

The big goal for us right now is to get the notification system working before Phase I can complete. This is the top priority.


~Phase II

Phase II will launch with new rooms and content types. Bounties will be expanded and Synthetics University will begin accepting applications for the first session. The site theme is being completely re-built with sliding menus, improved navigation, messaging and @notifications, upload improvements and bug fixes. We plan to have Phase II rolled out by the end of the month.



Wow! We’ve almost sold out of our shirt stock. A re-order has been placed and will be in the store shortly. We also have a new limited item coming to the store very soon. Stay tuned!


We’d like to thank you all one more time. This first week has been wildly successful, and we’re  very excited to see how you’ll respond to it.



Join the discord.

bounty #1 [CLOSED]

Make minecraft skin that looks like andy


[reward] youtube posting privileges

[recipients] saneflesh seQui podunk titan tremendo Poley funsize justin moist pain ronaldinhosoccer Windows98 hult


Posts promoting social media accounts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned

Come Play Minecraft!

We're currently hosting a Minecraft server. Come play!



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"Needs Some Love" - oldest posts with no comments

Site Bugs

Incoming improvements:
Bookmark / save post
Reply notifications
Content moderation (op role)
Content paging fixes
Navigation improvements

Post site bugs, errors, and technical suggestions in this thread.

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Phone Uploads

Users are requested to post images from their phone cameras for testing purposes. Thank you.