What’s your most prized possession a2b2?


possessions are a crutch that binds us to the suffering of the physical plain. attachment is suffering

The girl u just posteed

Practically speaking probably my laptop, but in terms of sentimental value, my platinum lego stormtrooper ( ill admit, i stole from my friends lego collection, i was inly 10 so pls forgive me :-( )

a piece of seaglass i found that has chicken wire inside it so its like reinforced safety glass. I think that was a nice find

woah that sounds really cool

the moments during NoF

one of my close irl friends

my crush

a teddy bear given to me by my sister when i was born. she said she was annoyed that my mum was going to have another child but when I was born, she decided that she would do anything for me. just like i would do anything for her.

I have a stuffed bear named Maggie that some distant long since passed relative gave me. I love her to death