what happened to the pages so i can go onto like page 2 and stuff :( i miss just scrolling and seeing al the obscure images :(


sneaky tip if you add go the URL and add ' /home?page=insert page number here ' you can go to the previous pages, for example: https://a2b2.org/home?page=7 . It's obviously not as convient as the next page button but it's not rlly inconvient, and also the default home page is page 0 as oppose to page 1. The furthest back u can go at the moment is page 691. (Side Note: the first post is a sytem post about T shirts and the first actual post is by terrydev of a bottle of bacardi in front of you wont get what you want by daughters: https://a2b2.org/posts/15944471970521631050402482654251jpg , so thats cool I guess?)