✠ ✠✞ team transgender cannibals win again ✞ ✠ ✠ another brother for the pot normon!!!(normal person)


“Not a transgender and not a cannibal” 😂 I like how the white appears blue on here

hahahahah like who writes this ay the rest was like: Greta Thunberg: Shadow doll of HELL or someshit xD

Wait what the fuck someone wrote this in real life?? Unironically?

presumably. its from here: http://www.shalagram.ru/our_works/ryazanov/age_of_chaos.htm

the guy who wrote it seems confused though he got the name of the painting wrong its Dulle Griet (anglicized as Dull Gret), also known as Mad Meg. not Mad Greta

Omg what is this 😂