new life

met a boy today who believed maybe this apathy is asexuality manifesting although of course it might be the knife
wonder what the insecurities are now
now that father has been conquered
wonder if anything has really changed or if still girl laughing at the foot of the tree and misremembering it as a closet


Wow. I’ll tell you what I got out of it though I might be wrong 😅

A guy who is sad about a girl laughing at him rejects love, romance, and sex, he claims he’s asexual, but his depression at rejection may be just cutting his soul and body like a knife. He was able to grow up enough to overcome his father who made him too timid to romance women, but he’s may not be done healing as he still claims he doesn’t care about what he loves and admires.

The presentation of how you twist these words feels really cerebral and narrative.

murder on the dance floor i cna make a anew door