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u know what they told me argus…. they told me ubwere a troll… but i put my hands over my ears i and made the ugliest face, “NO THEYRE MY FRIENDS!!!” and i threw my head side to side vigroously as if to get their devils pool water out of my ears. then i thought to myself: wait what is a troll??? wiping the snots and nose from my eyes i sat down in front of my keyboard, brushing aside some crums. “DEFINE TROLL” and as i sifted through the words i found mysrlf wondering: AM I A TROLL??? SURELEE NOT WE ARE JUST A COUPLE BILLY GOATS THAT HAD IT GRUFF GROWING UP.and basically, yea

and basically yeah... i feel so bad about myself that i gobble yours up, its the gift of god after all

..and they can read me like a book makes me feel so helpless... if i run into any direction they are ready to pin me down and eat me out

its like aempty dry and super hot spikes inside my throat and its making my eyes look so nervous and now every one thinks i am going to hurt them because my eyes look nervous so they are going to hurt me because they are defensive about my intimidating nervous eyes

growing up they taught me atrick. count my windows in my fingers and if it looks like a mirror then its not a mirror, its a window its not a mirror with a picture of jesus christ its just a window and probably just a homeless guy

the evil people are oyu talking about i knowe exactly what you mean. they tell me that i am in danger and make me not be quiet until i get so cold and start shaking. i cant close my eyes to make them quiet its like my head its trapped in under water and i cant scream loud enough ...

i just get so scared that other people are "out to get me" and that they know my every fault ...... i know i am in danger and it would be my fault if i let that happen. and then they follow me home and rape my brother and mother. i tend to walk only at night time for these exact reasons.

people like us have it so much harder than every one else and it like their life is so much more easier than mine do they know something more than i do.. i feel so broken and maybe god made me this way as a form of joke to watch my humiliation and feed on my brain like a stimulation machine and maybe i need to kill myself if i am going to stop being the slut puppet that i am and my flesh i am disgusted by all flesh i see a figure of flesh and i want to watch it turn into the many cats on the internet ... and i am so obsessed with scat and vomit... skinny little girls playing in their shit ........ they have a word for peoples like us: hikikomori

im gonna go pick up a couple kittens i bought on craigslist tonight... but the 1 i name after u... i wont drown it

ur my only friend pasta

oh aint u a sweetiepie !!! were actually a company tmaking u more popular than u assumed.

would u like to enter my cat submissions (cat statements cat poetry cat illustration)

yes !!! but give me ur honest opinion… do u think i can win?? the cat competition. ys know thats the heart of it really, world of dogs as that guy said, i just wana b the cat in the hat at the end of the track who gives out the constellation prizes

it is a cat portrait, mmm i will shrink your image to 100 by 100 pixel so you know..! also you can add state ments or poetry that will be accessed through interacting with your cat icon. as long as you want the text to be. you can have links to christopher rages custom tape or anything u want. @ [email protected] (<---- as i got done writing all that,, i ran to the restroom to vomit. now i feel so light and beautiful.)

i specifically avoided the word "competition" i feel as if it is a very toxic word and it has a strong masculine aura that just brings down the entire vibe..please if you use this word in the future can you provide us with a TW for proper awareness