I’ve come to the conclusion that a2 is filled with mentally ill lgbt people, me included


me too

I dont support any way of life

i dont support living

what is b2 filled with then?

N*rmal people 🤢

Want to have sex?

Yeah why not

No, like. Be serious. Do you want to? This is a Really big deal for me so If I asked me if I wanted to have sex I wouldn't be like "Sure XD" which is what you're doing. So for once, drop this tough-guy act and answer me seriously. And mind you, it's ok to say "No" but I would just like permission

Man this is a2b2 not tinder if ur looking for love, look elsewhere

Neither Terry or Andy said I couldn't do this, and if they saw me does this in response to a post they would be like "This is fine!"; Now, I'll Tigers by Saying maybe you're just nervous but we can ease into this if you'd really like to, I mean we have a lot in common srsly

??? You know nothing about me

Oh I thought you were RobinHerd with no Underscore I am so sorry I didn't mean to do any of this

There is no robinherd

He's not online right now but I swear there IS a Robinherd please dude please I'm pleading

Mf stole my name then

I'll message him about it. No fuck, no matter how fat, steals RobinHerd's username and gets away with it... - Hold my Spaghetti LOL. I liked your post I'm also mentally ill too and Bi

Digress* , I meant Digress not Tigers