Think belts that cinch your waist and tailored blouses. If you're shaped like a triangle (smaller on top, bigger on the bottom), wear clothes that pull the eye up to the most slender part of your body. Think bold tops and statement necklaces, with dark, sleek pants. If you're shaped like an inverted triangle, you want to elongate the torso by wearing drop-waist dresses, skinny jeans, untied scarves and long necklaces. If you're shaped more like a rectangle, you want to create curves. Wrap tops, draping, and bias cuts help create the illusion of bust and hips. For example, a woman with dark hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion is referred to as a "deep winter." She should wear all winter colors, plus some of the autumn range to complement her skin tone and hair color. There are even seasonal consultants who'll take a look at you (or a picture of you) to give you a reading of your seasonal colors. - 3644265 6604486 - 9335813 1577211 - 2881613 8362763 - 5315579 4039178 - 1175509 5515618 - 8355374 9913501 - 5357039 7638686 - 928044 1993607

ESP is thought to be a special sense beyond the physical world. So if this man has "the gift," he should be able to tell what the pattern is on that ESP test card on his forehead. Most likely, you've never been abducted by aliens, and you probably don't know anybody who's had a brush with Bigfoot. But undoubtedly, you or somebody close to you has had the apparently paranormal experience of "seeing" the future or distant events.­ Most of us have dreamed something that ­eventually came ­true­, ­­­had a correct ­hunch about an event ­miles ­away ­or predicted an­ out-of-the-blue phone ­­call from an old friend.­­­ The experience is incredibly strange -- positively spooky -- but it happens all the time. ­So what's go­ing on here? Depends on who you ask. A sizable chunk of the world's population attributes these strange events to extrasensory perception (ESP), a special sense beyond vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Unlike ordinary senses, ESP has virtually unlimited range, and it's experienced mainly as thoughts rather than bodily sensations. - 4461574 259795 - 3924016 8470182 - 9042308 7203584 - 7539305 4519375 - 6667162 9876814 - 1892896 2373179 - 2189746 7811530 - 8448516 5892474

Skills and knowledge are essential but, when it comes to audiovisual communication usage of innovative ideas are vital. Every corporate video making company has unique creation styles and concepts. Videos should have an exclusive selling point as similarity slays viewer interest. Hence, the video ought to be exciting and refreshing launching innovation and newer concepts. Look for those companies and examine some of their previous to see whether you can get a ground-breaking video from them. Like a brand speaks for itself, good reviews on the company's official webpage counts because it reflects the list of all satisfied customers. Before you choose any corporate video production company, hit up the Google and check FB page of the company to view what the internet is saying about the company. The cost of corporate videos depends upon your requirement. If you want videos for the social media then you will get at affordable cost but if you want some huge concept related to corporate then you must have to spend more money to get quality. Before you choose any corporate video production firm you must have to finalize your financial budget. - 9836431 3589584 - 1379581 7469329 - 6151915 5825596 - 3550623 1704022 - 6349019 2639245 - 222592 5421212 - 3405291 3608132 - 261948 5330

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union; now, it’s a different country. He is concerned that NATO will move in. It might sound paranoid to us, but it’s a security issue for him. Our government recognizes that but, at the same time, we can’t recognize a country that feels that it can control the destiny of another country, even if it’s a neighbor. So the Ukrainians, the U.S. NATO countries can’t accept that the Russians have the sphere of influence in Ukraine, no matter what the Russians do. The Ukrainians and the Ukrainian government are genuinely concerned about Russia undermining Ukraine’s economy and Ukrainian politics. They don’t want to be controlled by another country, and they feel they need some protection. That’s the reason they’re interested in NATO. The U.S. and other NATO countries may not need to have Ukraine in NATO, but if Ukraine wants to be a NATO member, everyone believes it has that right to join in. However, I don’t think this membership will come about very soon, no matter what we say, because that really would be a tipping stone. - 2233099 9690055 - 6738060 4747473 - 1033136 8081340 - 6071510 5403106 - 9752890 6386328 - 8552327 9849426 - 8473144 3813877

What we're talking about here is electrotactile stimulation for sensory augmentation or substitution, an area of study that involves using encoded electric current to represent sensory information -- information that a person cannot receive through the traditional channel -- and applying that current to the skin, which sends the information to the brain. The brain then learns to interpret that sensory information as if it were being sent through the traditional channel for such data. In the 1960s and '70s, this process was the subject of ground-breaking research in sensory substitution at the Smith-Kettlewell Institute led by Paul Bach-y-Rita, MD, Professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Now it's the basis for Wicab's BrainPort technology (Dr. Bach-y-Rita is also Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board of Wicab). Eyeglasses are a typical example of sensory augmentation. Braille is a typical example of sensory substitution -- in this case, you're using one sense, touch, to take in information normally intended for another sense, vision. - 3149194 6435639 - 8948689 4043603 - 5310674 8906860 - 7111070 1329465 - 1368157 3618170 - 4188975 1319637 - 9241593 7167177 - 5627791 988070

But that's not the case with every person who cheats in a video game. Let's take a look at the different approaches to cheating in video games. Some game developers build cheats directly into their video games. There are several reasons for doing this. One reason is that it can simplify the quality assurance (QA) phase of game development. The QA phase is also known as game testing. Testers try the game out to make sure it's playable. That there are no glitches in the game's code. ­If a game is particularly long or has many levels, items and characters, game testers may need a shortcut to test particular scenarios. For example, a fantasy role-playing game might allow characters to wield dozens of different weapons. Walking around the game's world. Gathering these items might take several hours of playing. But if the developer builds in shortcuts, the game testers can get their virtual hands on these weapons without going through the effort of finding them. - 9816990 5838335 - 8829917 632206 - 8371191 5855073 - 5293207 5574538 - 9889502 5778407 - 8116871 3495075 - 7311779 6082439 - 6066972 7686642

Acoustic levitation allows small objects, like droplets of liquid, to float. Unless you travel into the vacuum of space, sound is all around you every day. But most of the time, you probably don't think of it as a physical presence. You hear sounds; you don't touch them. The only exceptions may be loud nightclubs, cars with window-rattling speakers and ultrasound machines that pulverize kidney stones. But even then, you most likely don't think of what you feel as sound itself, but as the vibrations that sound creates in other objects. The idea that something so intangible can lift objects can seem unbelievable, but it's a real phenomenon. Acoustic levitation takes advantage of the properties of sound to cause solids, liquids and heavy gases to float. The process can take place in normal or reduced gravity. In other words, sound can levitate objects on Earth or in gas-filled enclosures in space. - 8188707 8809151 - 3037809 2346736 - 4942052 6714233 - 4736121 9082807 - 6712759 329660 - 8241173 1924367 - 8255685 8598037 - 1644533 5653386 - 2662702 315753 - 3095808 9464244 http:

Imagine having to do the work of a jackhammer using a sledgehammer or a pickaxe, and you'll quickly understand how important this one machine is to the construction industry. Concrete, asphalt and rock are hard -- sometimes really hard -- to work with. Thanks to that toughness, roads and building foundations last for decades. But when rebuilding or mining projects require removing these unyielding substances, a sledgehammer just isn't enough. That's when jackhammers come in handy. T-shaped jackhammers are among the most iconic, fearsome and ear-shattering tools on construction and demolition sites. Because they combine two fundamental human hand tools (a hammer and a chisel) in one mechanized body, they are also one of the most useful. We could always go back to the old way -- using heavy-headed sledgehammers -- but there probably aren't enough chiropractors in the world to keep construction workers' backs aligned. Plus, sledgehammers are achingly slow.|What are some of the hot new gadgets on the market today? The gift-giving season brings both joy and frustration to those determined to find just the right present for their loved ones. Those of us who love tech heads, gadget gurus and geeks know that the right electronic doohickey can go a long way to getting that picture-perfect moment when it's time to open gifts. But sorting through all the options is an exhausting and overwhelming prospect. How do you know which digital horse to back when shopping for gadgets? Some devices, like Apple's iPad tablets, have met with incredible success and will be supported for years to come. But others, like the Nintendo 3DS, have had a rougher time after a big debut, and may struggle down the road. We've taken a look at some of the newest gadgets on the market. Looked at the buzz surrounding them. Following are five gadgets we think make good gifts for the gadget lover in your life.

Most common cameras use a CCD or CMOS sensor device measuring a single color per pixel. Demosaicking is the interpolation process by which the two missing color values are estimated. The demosaicking is usually performed by combining close values from the same channel or the other two. As a result, the noise, being almost white at the sensor, gets color and spatial correlated. The rest of the imaging chain, consisting mainly in color and gamma corrections and compression, enhances the noise in dark parts of the image leading to contrasted colored spots of several pixels. The size of these spots depends on the applied demosaicking method. The inversion of the transfer function is not able to revert all noise correlating stages. For this reason, we will perform denoising and HDR fusion in the RAW domain. HDR methods using the weighted average (1) actually reduce noise, but this reduction is rather minor due to the small number of values being involved. - 3380697 5067235 - 7880788 7105789 - 7780185 262723 - 2517033 7016174 - 8131343 1708516 - 6662991 4665746 - 2634527 3850841 - 7272271 5935255 - 3798386 2255524 - 4747189 321577

Putin’s Feb. 21 televised speech addressed the dangers of Ukrainian nationalism. He also stressed Russians’. Ukrainians’ shared history. This presidential address could serve to galvanize the Russian public to back Putin’s military aspirations. About 38% of Russians did not consider war with Ukraine a real possibility as of December 2021, according to Levada Center polling. Another 15% completely ruled out the possibility of armed conflict. Approximately 83% of Russians report positive views on Ukrainians. And 51% of Russians say that Russia and Ukraine should be independent, yet friendly, countries. The popular narrative is that Russia is a besieged fortress, constantly fending off Western attacks. Half of Russians blame the current crisis on the U.S. NATO, while 16% think Ukraine is the aggressor. Just 4% believe Russia is responsible. The largely bloodless conquest resulted in “collective euphoria” among Russian people, who have often vacationed along Crimea’s scenic coastline. But Russia’s other recent military actions, including its 2008 invasion of Georgia and its intervention in the Syrian civil war in 2015, were not met with the same enthusiasm. - 8776484 5876962 - 6682220 438055 - 6382961 7099173 - 3819080 6585926 - 6163949 4740127 - 3426576 266885

That would mark the end of Ukraine’s post-Soviet independence and its three decades as a fledgling democracy, one in which Putin’s longtime allies still hold seats in parliament. In his statement announcing the invasion Thursday, Putin warned against any efforts to deter Moscow’s forces. “Anyone who tries to interfere with us, or even more so, to create threats for our country and our people, must know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences as you have never before experienced in your history,” Putin said. Now that the Russian military operation in Ukraine has begun, there are looming fears about the risks that come with it for the rest of Europe and the world. Over the last several weeks, the U.S. European allies have moved troops, naval ships and warplanes eastward on the continent, near where the Russian military is operating, to deter Putin from further aggression. Ukraine is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), but it borders four nations that are-Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.|Japanese youth invade a Tokyo bathhouse to do their version of the YouTube dance craze, the Harlem Shake. What makes some videos go viral? See more YouTube Pictures. LOLcats. For the uninitiated - those who have somehow been able to avoid what appears to be a nonstop, social media-fueled avalanche of photos of cats doing funny things accompanied by cryptic, grammatically deficient messages - LOLcat is an Internet thing. A big one. It started in 2006 with an image of a fat cat looking at a camera, with the headline "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?" emblazoned across the top. That's what Web folks call viral content: Something that spreads so fast on the Internet that it dominates Facebook and Twitter news feeds and racks up page views and clicks the way Elvis Presley used to take down fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Often, it's a silly or ridiculous photo or video along the lines of the "cheezburger" cat, a weird

According to one estimate, in 2010 eight million tons of plastic waste found their way into the ocean. Scientists warn that unless our waste is better managed, that number could increase by as much as 10 times in the coming years. But despite its potential benefits, bioplastics are not a complete solution. For one thing, some plant-based plastics must be commercially composted, a process which itself requires a significant amount of energy to be spent. And others argue that creating plastics from products like corn will have negative repercussions on farming and the price of food. Not all are embracing the new law. Eamonn Bates, secretary general of the food-packaging industry association Pack2GoEurope, told CNN. European Commission to overrule the ban on ground of free-trade rule violations. Though the fries may be French, by 2020 the disposable plastic utensils won't be. On the other hand, some see this as just a first step - French politician Arash Derambarsh, who's been involved in waste issues and worked to ban French supermarkets from throwing away unsold food, has suggested he'd like to see the ban on plastics extend across the entirety of Europe. Then again, France has always been a trendsetter, particularly when it comes to fashion. Perhaps the country should take note of Jalilia Essaidi, a Dutch clothing designer and artist whose couture looks are made from bioplastics sourced from cow dung. The first country in the world to ban plastic bags?

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Electronic cigarettes closely resemble the real thing. You're at your favorite restaurant, enjoying a meal. A diner at the next table is puffing on a cigarette, letting out a cloud of smoke. Because smoking isn't allowed in the restaurant, you're thinking about asking the smoker to put the cigarette out. But before you protest, consider this: Your neighbor may not be smoking at all. Electronic cigarettes, also known as smokeless cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, are an alternative method of consuming nicotine, the addictive chemical found in tobacco. Manufacturers often design e-cigarettes to look like regular cigarettes, but they contain no tobacco and don't require a match -- or any flame at all. There's no fire, no ash and no smoky smell. E-cigarettes do not contain all of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide and tar. Manufacturers and satisfied customers say the e-cigarette is a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, which cause millions of deaths every year.

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Many older homes have windows painted shut from lack of use, and some newer home windows are nailed down to prevent potential home invasion. Building codes in the United States and elsewhere require exit planning, and older homes need upgrades to meet the minimum codes for safety. Likewise, concealed outer doors and windows -- sometimes considered safer due to being out of sight -- can become ideal spots for crime or illegal entry. Taking advantage of natural lighting can help you reduce energy costs. Although the warmth from the sunlight streaming through all those windows may be welcome in winter, in summertime the windows may need to be covered to keep temperatures down. You also have to keep all those windows clean. And then there's the matter of privacy. Consider the placement of windows and perform draft and privacy checks at different times of day. Having a neighbor's window too near your bathroom or bedroom windows may be a little too close for comfort if you don't want to be seen or heard in private moments.

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“The officer told me, ‘There are no nations, there are civilisations, and the Russian world is a civilisation, and for anyone who had been part of it, it does not matter what you call it, a Tatar or a Ukrainian, you don’t exist,’” he told Al Jazeera. The war - and the way the separatists abuse their opponents and mismanage their “republics’” economies, cooled pro-Russian sentiment in Ukraine. “Paradoxically, Russia is helping to strengthen the Ukrainian sense of nation that some Russian politicians claim does not truly exist,” Ivar Dale, a senior policy adviser with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, a rights watchdog, told Al Jazeera. The conflict turned into Europe’s hottest war. It has killed more than 13,000 and displaced millions. In 2014, the Ukrainian military was under-equipped and demoralised, while the rebels had Russian “consultants” and weaponry. However, these days, Ukrainians are much stronger militarily and morally, and thousands of volunteers who helped repel the separatists are ready to do it again. - 6710101 3638045*/ - 7386455 5613088 - 6297805 691034 - 6024503 4689274 - 6179608 7947829 - 8264514 9196264 - 2972971 1814352 - 213893 7611412 - 6291081 4028899

For example, there's now a biodegradable running shoe by Brooks. Rather than using ethylene vinyl acetate, which can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, the sole is made using BioMoGo, a material expected to biodegrade over the course of 20 years. The potential result could save 30 million pounds of waste. Many manufacturers use organic dyes (such as mineral dyes) or recycled fabrics. Looking to recycle your worn-out swim caps? EcoAthlete, a group in Seattle, Wash., is happy to take them and turn them into flip-flops. Racing-bike technology has changed considerably over the years. However, the process of bike manufacturing takes its toll on the environment. Frames made from alloys have replaced heavier aluminum frames, making for a lighter bike. The problem is that alloys are mined, and the waste generated by this process huge. A burgeoning trend is racing bikes made partially from bamboo. Growing bamboo is a more sustainable practice than using metals that require intense manufacturing. These bikes are garnering positive reviews.|Some skin-firming lotions' claims may be overstated. Sure we'd like to believe the claims on the scores of lotions and creams promising to firm up our skin and erase the damage done by late nights, too many drinks and the occasional cigarette. These are tempting propositions indeed, but these potions can't really turn back the clock and hide the inevitable signs of aging -- at least not permanently or significantly. As we get older, we produce less collagen and elastin, the connective tissues that keep the skin firm and supple. Meanwhile, in approximately 80 percent of women (and a small percentage of men), fat deposits collect under the surface of the skin, creating an "orange peel" or "cottage cheese" appearance. Rapid weight loss can also contribute to loose, sagging skin. These include caffeine, retinol and dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). For that, doctors say, more invasive treatments are necessary -- but not liposuction, which targets

At that point, various internal groups began delving into the possibility of virtual reality for the PlayStation gaming system. The groups began batting ideas back and forth and sharing their work with each other. Higher ups in Sony took note. It developed into an official project. A team called Grover was formed from members of the Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) Hardware group, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) R&D and Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios to work on a prototype, and it has gone through several iterations. First, they duct taped PS Move controllers to a HEADPLAY Personal Cinema System, a third-party headset for viewing movies, games and other media. Then in 2011, they attached PS Move components to a higher-resolution Sony HMZ viewer. In 2012, they produced a demo video of a VR prototype that consisted of an HMZ headset with one attached Move and another Move controller in the user's hand for more control. It had a much narrower field of view than their ultimate goal, but it worked for demonstration purposes.

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Next, you need to clearly state your thesis. A thesis statement is essentially the main purpose of your essay. It is one or two sentences that clearly identify the issue you are going to analyze, hints at the claim you are trying to make, and states your opinion if you have one. Coming up with a good thesis statement is one of the biggest challenges of any type of essay writing. A thesis statement clearly states the purpose of your essay in one or two sentences. A good thesis statement gives the reader an understanding of what the essay is about. For analytical essays, a thesis statement presents specifically what you analyzed and the conclusion you drew. Each body paragraph should present evidence that backs up the claims you make in your thesis statement, so coming up with a clear and specific thesis is vitally important when writing an analytical essay. A thesis statement that is too broad can be difficult to prove in an analytical essay which is why it needs to be specific.

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