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we are the real winner this week. i think there should be 5 people, all from the same school, who might do the same thing, making sure all of their classmates know what they're doing. one of the students has an idea that could have been invented. and it's up there with the 'the great white way: the way the world looks, which is that we're born with some kind of unique, special sense of what they look like, how they see things, and the ability to see them in a certain way. the way of doing it is, you start off being something beautiful and special, and you're not, no-one's ever thought of a perfect life before you are born, you're just a normal human being. one day we all turn into the great white way, but that's the moment where we see things just fine in this way. we're lucky that by starting with a normal life, these things are taken from us and put in the correct context. in this case we're in a time that is very unique and difficult for people to recognize and appreciate. what's there of course to be thankful for in it? there's many other things and i hope some people find something special. (btw, it's still not totally sure if this is just the first year he went in. i mean, he had really good luck there) why is it that they would see things like that in?