Housing Update


Housing Update

Andy started A2B2 to artistic alternative community, but then it filled with Russian bots, gore, and furry porn. Something had to change. So we've overhauled the whole thing. You're still a member of the artist-run project, and can now spend all your energy thinking about your art, not someone else's music.

RIP Russian bots! Wait, what? Furries?!? Have you even met some?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat. Read on.


When you first log in, you are greeted by 3-4 players and a fated gatherer. We will be creating a housing system, so housing is a no-brainer. Once the 2-3 month housing beta starts, people will have the option of opting-in for a chance to live in said housing. If they join, they will be placed in the housing pool. They can then choose whether they want to be from the same faction, another faction, or not (it is possible to be from different factions at once). Once you have chosen a faction, the assigned gatherer will ship you out.


The Faction Ranking System and Faction Expansion System have been fully implemented. In order to earn points (which can be exchanged for a rank in the clan) you must follow the rules below:

1) Always vote according to the policies you are assigned to. You cannot allow "counter-attacking" or "counter-jihadis" in your faction, but you can disagree with other factions' policies and make your case for what is best. You may also denounce a faction's policies if you believe them to be non-viable. This isn't a voting circle, so get over your "not the fucking Illuminati anymore" kind of stuff.

2) You must post on the website and on a Discord server about how your faction has improved its stances in favor of fairness and equality. This includes voting for policy votes and speaking with other members about their opinions. You may use the "Not My Faction" tool to point out that your faction doesn't promote these things.

3) You must also share a fun picture you've taken with your faction. All pictures will be deleted once it is up, but your members can comment on it.

4) You must also check the "Was This Post Merely Public? Are You Endorsing or Opposing This Post?" box. If you decide the picture/tweet was NOT Merely Public, then that message will be removed. You will also get demerits. But since you are now making a rule, you get a point! We also give one point per faction which uses the message as a banner.

Learn more about the Clan and Faction system!

Coming next week!