Extreme Pops

It would be cool if there was a show where a Chiropractor was "extreme". There would be explosions in the video editing, maybe some special effects to make the patient's anatomy be seen like a Mortal Kombat finishing move. All the yelling about the atlas or C7 needing adjustment "STAT"-- followed by absolute silence that leads into the ASMR portion of the spine adjustments.

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enter now
Transcend how
Take no bow
So bad wow
Break dem bones
Take dis body
Hear dem moans
Hear dem groans
Louder, louder
Come and see
Dont let be
Turn to roach
Scatter fast
Watch dem last
Take no task
Never ask
Shall we see
Dont let be
Come to find
Come to mind
Watch dem breath
See dem seethe
Take a bow
Dont know how how how how

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