For Dave McGowan Auschwitz. Saddam. Abu Ghraib. Guantánamo. Vindictive malignancy. Torture. Cruelty. Revenge. Scraping skin. Eternal fire. Burning the innocent alive. Backstabbing. Selling someone out. For cheap. Hunting for pleasure. Injuring another person. Rape. Mass starvation. Genocide. Eternal historical phenomena. Repeating. Indecency. Racial superiority. Evil. Corrupt government. Child trafficking. Exploitation. Sexual trauma. Screaming injustice. No trust. Deceiving figureheads. Knives out. Pogroms. Liars everywhere. Safety an illusion. Suffering. Satan! Devil! Horror’s conductor. Blame Beelzebub! Boogeymen. Night Stalker. Anton LaVey. Henry Lee Lucas. Phoenix Program. Son of Sam killer. Arthur Shawcross. Ominous politcal connections. Cannot confirm nor deny. Columbine. Boston Bombing. Waco. Common narratives. Lone gunmen. Antisocial psychopaths. While states are looted. Roads never fixed. Trendy hot assassins. Fetishized and inspiring. Mussolini capitalism. E. Howard Hunt. J. Edgar Hoover. Roy Cohn. Allen Dulles. John Foster Dulles. Prescott Bush. Regime change. Warren Commission. President Gerald Ford. George H.W. Bush. George W. Bush. Oil. Orchestrated approval ratings. Journalists compromised. Conspiracy silenced. Speculation shot down. Confused country. Kangaroo courts. Broken expectations. Thinking worst. Realizing powerful survive. They exist above laws. Playing different game. Iraq War shrugged off. World domination. Empire mentality. Fake democracy. Meyer Lansky. Santo Trafficante Jr. Johnny Roselli. Jack Ruby. Crime syndicates. Organized fixes. Cheating. Hard ball. IG Farben. Zapata Offshore. Dick Cheney. Expanding executive branch. Terrorists don’t deserve trials. George Tenet. Richard Helms. Operation Paperclip. Werner von Braun. Unwilling human participants. Advanced interrogation techniques. Waterboarding. Stress positions. Sleep deprivation. Suffocation. Crucifixion. Brainwashing. But what about Marc Dutroux? Or Lawrence E. King Jr.? Jeffrey Epstein? Blackmail. Corruption. Guilt by association. Troubling connections. Disturbing alliances. Death squads. Systematic eradication. Hit lists. Iran-Contra. Purging. Scandals. Wickedness continued.