Is this associated with Death Grips?
No. The site is ran by Andy Morin of Death Grips, but is not related to it in any way.

A2B2 official discord?

Who made this site?
Andy Morin

What am I looking at?
a2b2.org is currently in development. We're rolling content out in Phases to test how users respond to the different features of the site.
The site is meant to be a "creative hub" of sorts, where users can post niche images of things they've created / find interesting.

What is Phase I?
Phase I is nothing more than an image dump. Submit images and comment on other user's images. It's a free for all!

I have further questions.
Please reach out to me on Discord, TerryDev#1010 or email me at [email protected]

Who is TerryDev?
TerryDev is the system administrator of the site.

Where can I download the logo?
Right here.


I heard about this website on the radio, there was a streaming fest? Can I post music? Get on a stream? I got lots of recordings, soundcloud.com/jeffslack
Been a while since I posted there looking to get material out as I roll out an album or in the next month or so

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2. Increased safety
Autonomous Mobile Robots come packed with cameras and sensors. These allow the Autonomous Mobile Robot to see and comprehend the environment around it. It can move around an area efficiently, without having to come into contact with people, objects infrastructure, or even people. Human operators operating machines, like forklifts and other machines are not as safe and rely more on input from humans. Autonomous Mobile Robots reduce the chance of human operators becoming exhausted or distracted. But, this is not an issue when using Autonomous Mobile Robots. Autonomous Mobile Robots can be utilized to perform repetitive tasks and reduce human error. This significantly increases the safety.

3. Quick Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots can be implemented in a single operation, which can take anywhere from between four and six weeks dependent on the particulars of the project. The software for picking and warehouse execution software that they will have to integrate with are crucial. Even at the higher level, this is a small time frame, especially when you take into account other technology. For instance of this, a goods to individual (G2P) system could take up to an entire year to be fully implemented.

4. Ability to scale
Autonomous Mobile Robots have a simple implementation in a facility. You can follow modular deployment to expand Autonomous Mobile Robots as your company expands or alters. This means that you don't need to invest a lot upfront. Instead of buying huge quantities of Autonomous Mobile Robots, you can buy one or two and later expand the number of units you have. The modular deployment saves capital and lets you invest in other initiatives. Also, you will can analyze the effects Autonomous Mobile Robots have on your company and then decide on the next steps.

5. Facilities are simple to transfer between
Some operations might hesitate to investigate automation options since they know that the transition to a new facility could in the near future be possible. This makes perfect sense. When the new facility is completed and the current system is installed, it will need to be taken out of service within the next year. Autonomous Mobile Robots may be useful in these situations to fill in the gaps. Autonomous Mobile Robots are extremely simple to operate and can be easily moved from one facility to another. This allows automation even for the short term. These Autonomous Mobile Robots are an asset for companies looking to create a temporary holiday operation.

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