this is what i imagine what people who were lab rats in MK ultra were forced to look at on high doses of acid, feels so subliminal

celcullar otomaton slowly eating away your mind and soul

What is this program?

its and app called sand box relaxing game or something like that its very gopd way of killing time in a creative way

not fun if u not have ants, how much it does cost

ı dont know but fairly cheap it migth be the first app that ı can pay for


wow man thanks this is what ım looking for, mow its time for the booze

yea luv the textures

textures created by john conways game of life its and famous celcullar otomaton youcan download golly.exe for run it on your pc

Looks and feels really good. It seems like to me you used the blue grain texture in a different way on the black, which is clever since it doesn’t feel repetitive (I like how broke it up). The symbol by itself was already great, but the contrast with the “bingo”/Lotería symbols at the bottom makes it feel really interesting.

fun fack is ı do non of these. its an app called sand box and the thing ur looking at is john convays game of like on an water simulation