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i tie stones to bags of kittens and cast it in to still waters , a friend of mine told me one time that they are NOT shallow and an easy way to lose heavy baggage

yes yes. im sure u do dear, and thats how the Cats Protection Services started the horizon deep of the southern ocean i was at the bottom of the bottom chilling bc its cold atthe bottom, just smoking my seaweed playing go fish with solomons shadow. and then this fuckign ! bag floats down with a bunch of dead cats and i realised fuck i didnt lock the cage and now the cats in the bag at the bottom of the ocean and basically, i gotta fuckibg go walk on land. but its okay…. like i said the cats already one.

if that doesnt explain the butterfly effect i dunno what will.

someone had to feed the mice. Fish do not even pay taxes i dont know how this mysterious "cps " organization gets their pay out/ seems.. fishy if yo0u ask me... maybe they are using the Atlantic tunnels to peddle kittens to the Denver airport so the lizard people can get high of off the adrenochrome in their trauma induced fecal matter... but thats just a conspiracy funded by the CATholic church, and we all know what they do to kittens..!

hahahah fishy indeed, what can i say i was raised catholic. fish swim in their shit, if they paid their taxes maybe they could afford a public filtration system, but we dont even have that for the net and no one likes censorship until they are personally offended. i always wondered why god never replied when i was catholic

censorship is great..! instills a sense of fear in some and gives a sense of control to others. sounds like a win-win for the one holding the steel rod .. i have an intense scat fetish

very nice friend

thank u friend <3

cool shit


we didnt start the fire! it was always burning since the world was turnin