Rate my setup (ps4/switch)


looks good just needs a hole in the wall and a ceiling fan hanging on a thread

There aren't any holes but the ceiling just happens to be hanging by a thread and not functional in any way

arent you scared its gonna fall?


NEEDS more Fenty Packs AND boof Stains YOU SHOULD pose Next to the Bloody Carpet And GOATSE the CAMERA and This ENTIRE FORUM will Give You REDDIT GOLD AND SILVERS and all The Treasures to your little hearts content until it gives out and POPS

Finding the switch itìs like finding waldo (btw doesn't the ps4 kinda overheat with all that stuff around?)

The switch dock is on top of the ps4, the switch isn't in it though. And yeah its not good for it at all but I mean it hasn't broke.

jokes aside it looks really comfy

looks great man

Thank you

10 outta 10 I like your taste in monster

Thanks i like them all