I had a dream I was shot in the chest a bunch, tell me about your dreams a2b2


For a while I had Holes in the ground in my dreams, always felt very out of controll

I literally just had a dream I was being chased by a junkie and I was doing parkour through the jungle/ some aztec village while he was manically trying to kill me. I ended Up jumping off a cliff once I realised that he wouldn't stop chasing me. I prolly should have shot him but I figured that he would just heal himself or some wak shit like that

I have a dream

I once had a dream where everything was black and white and my mom was naked and was trying to kill me with a kitchen knife.

i once had a dream i was having a picnic with an imaginary woman and my imaginary baby daughter. then my daughter fell into a swamp and i couldnt swim deep enough to save her because i kept getting held back by something. i remember being deeply upset for like a week after that dream, even though having a child is no where near close to my immediate future.

I could be reaching but perhaps the baby's death represented (to you) a loss of some sort in your actual life. Not even the loss of a person's life but maybe a friendship that is no longer, a lost opportunity, you get the idea.

I don't buy into the spiritual aspect of dreams but I do think they can be telling of whats lurking in our subconscious mind, but cannot typically be expressed due to repression / psychological defence mechanisms. Hence why seemingly irrelevant dreams can really shake us to our core - they stem from that very place.

Once dreamt that I had bummed a cig off someone outside a club and when i started smoking it I realized it was laced with PCP and started freaking out. Weird thing is I dont smoke cigs and I don't know what PCP feels like but I immediately knew I was on PCP

Reminds me of a dream I had where I smoked DMT with my mom despite never having tried the drug

I had one dream where I yelled at a kid and then it played a time lapse of everyone evacuating the building through a fishbowl lens.

I dreamt i missed the due date for an assignment